JFS Vision and Mission

Vision of Jonglei Food Security Initiative is to ‘eradicating or reducing poverty’ of Jonglei state’s citizens and neighboring states of former Greater Jonglei through agriculture. Poverty is preventable through encouraging rural people and jobless people in towns to sustain their lives in agriculture to have positive live.
Mission of Jonglei Food Security Initiative is to prevent suffering of elderly people and children either individuals or families from lack of foods and nutrition which always resulted in suffering from malnutrition when malnourished because many live below the poverty line as villagers’ feeds for less than 1 dollar a day, but worse part, majority have 1 meal per day which always resulting in being malnourished in South Sudan and particular Jonglei state which been affected by wars for decades.
Eliminate Food Insecurity
Goals and purposes is to eliminate ‘food insecurity’ in South Sudan and particular in Jonglei state through ‘family empowerment’ for each family or individual to have 1 Acre (4200 metres square) or more of multi-crops farm as land for farming is almost free for citizens in villages.
Incomes of Farmers
By creating their future,hopes and small incomes of farmers, for example, if farmer has produced more than 10 sacks, then that farmer have to sell 3 sacks to have income and buy some nutrients foods to have balancing-diet.
Connect farmers with Govt.
To connect farmers with government and NGOs to buy their products and buy farming tools to make farming easy for farmers and encouraging them to be more productive for their feeding and little income.
Start living independently
JFS would be targeting IDPs and returning refugees by giving them hopes by preparing their crops farmers to start living independently after their arrival from Refugee camps or UNMISS CAMPS as more than 2 million in refugees and UNMISS camps
+ Land ploughing and clearance
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