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JFS would be targeting IDPs and returning refugees by giving them hopes by preparing their crops farmers to start living independently after their arrival from Refugee camps or UNMISS CAMPS as more than 2 million in refugees and UNMISS camps.


Why Choose Jonglei Food Security Initiative JPS?

About Jonglei Food Security Initiative

Jonglei Food Security Initiative is a 'not-for-profit' organization operating in Jonglei state in South Sudan. JFS is focusing on settlement of returnees from Refugee camps and UNMISS camps by preparing their crops farms to be living independently.

Jonglei Food Security Initiative was founded on 30th of January 2018 and registered on 30th of August 2018 by Mr. Elijah Dau Wer and Co-founders as volunteers to relief suffering of vulnerable elderly people and children either individuals or families from lack of foods and nutrition which always resulting in suffering from malnutrition.

Where we gets funds. JFS gets funds from its members, organizations with the similar objectives, fundraising, foreign donors, national donors and good Samaritans.

Jonglei Food Security Initiative hires farming equipments and tools for affordable prices to make farming easy for vulnerable farmers. ($100 USD per 1 Acre aka 4200 squar)

JFS provide:

•Tractors which ploughing the lands;

•Seeds Sowing machines if requested by unable farmers;

•Machines for cutting down trees only in crops farms;

• insecticides if requested by farms' owner


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    ABN: 91 933 490 636, Account: BSB 066167 acc: 10538222

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    Seeds Sowing machines
    Seeds Sowing machines if requested by unable farmers
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    Machines for cutting
    Machines for cutting down trees only in crops farms
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    Jonglei food production just started and, earning a undoubtedly reputation for services delivering by offering services to our local farmers for less.
    struggling against poverty is an winnable battle if we put hand in hand to lifting unable people's lives through agriculture.